Jack Herer

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What is the Jack Herer cannabis strain? As a seasoned cannabis fan, you’ve probably come across this well-known strain. But do you know its origin and what distinguishes it from other varieties?

We will explore the background and unique characteristics of Jack Herer in this blog post, including its popularity in the Netherlands, its parental strains Shiva Skunk and Critical Jack, its effects on both recreational and medicinal users, the specifics of its flavor profile, as well as its terpene composition and THC

level. We’ll talk about her history with Shiva Skunk and Critical Jack, how she became a mainstay of Dutch coffee shops and her genetics.

Additionally, we will study the flavor profile, terpene composition, THC level, and potential medical benefits of the Jack Herer strain, as well as its effects on recreational and medical users. You will be better equipped to understand why this exceptional strain holds such a prestigious place within the cannabis industry if you know these characteristics.

So sit back and get ready to learn everything there is to know about the Jack Herer cannabis strain, from its colorful past to its many contemporary uses.


1 Ounce 28g, 2 Ounce 56g, 4 Ounce 112g, 8 Ounce 224g, 12 Ounce 448g, 16 Ounce 896g


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