London Pound Cake

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This strain will likely improve your mood by causing a brief burst of creativity and happiness, and its calming effects will gradually permeate your entire body. The problem is that many users find that as soon as they feel a strong urge to be creative, the calming effects quickly set in, making it difficult to continue with any of their creative projects.

Prepare your food and try this delicious variety; Apple Fritter produces powerful and long-lasting effects. Watch out for secondary symptoms, including thirst and dry mouth.


London Pound Cake is a relatively new strain that has quickly become famous, especially among stoners with a sweet tooth. The potent indica used to make London Pound Cake is unclear, although it is believed to be a phenotype of the popular Girl Scout Cookies strain. It was created by Californian breeder Cookies Fam, also known for generating other well-known strains like Runtz and Gelato.


The aforementioned unidentified indica strain was crossed with Sunset Sherbet to produce London Pound Cake. Sunset Sherbet is a hybrid strain that descends from the famous OG Kush and was created by crossing Pink Panty with Girl Scout Cookies.

With undertones of mint and citrus, this strain is known for its sweet, fruity flavor. Its multi-faceted scent displays a blend of earthy, sweet and spicy components. Sunset Sherbet offers a calming and energizing effect believed to relieve tension in the body and mind. Due to its well-balanced effects, it is favored by both recreational and medical users. Sunset Sherbet’s high THC concentration, which can reach 24%, is also very popular. Thus, it becomes a potent strain that should be consumed in moderation by those with a lower tolerance.


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