Grand Daddy Purple

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Flavors and aromas of Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purps have a strong berry and grape aroma, according to several users. On the contrary, Ken Estes is known to have said that PIB “smells like purple – I thought purple was a color, but now I think it’s a smell!” » He may have been referring to what some people describe as a distinctive floral scent that contains notes of musk, dark chocolate and roses.

Granddaddy Purple contains some of the most well-known terpenes, including:

(Musk and plants) Myrcene
(Fresh pine needles) Pinene
(Pepper, black spices) Caryophyllene

Purple Grandpa Effects

Granddaddy Purple has a reputation for powerful effects. Even though GDP only contains around 17% THC, it generates a powerful effect that begins to have a far-reaching impact on the body and mind. The majority of users say GDP creates a pleasant, upbeat head high as well as a deeply calming body high, making it perfect for lounging around the house while enjoying movies, music, or stargazing.

Although each person’s experience with marijuana is unique, those who use GDP generally report feeling:


In addition to being popular among recreational users, Granddaddy Purple is also very popular among holistic cannabis users looking to combat physical and mental tension, as well as loss of appetite.

Like all THC-rich cannabis strains, Granddaddy Purple is capable of producing unwanted side effects. These include:

Dry eyes and dry mouth


1 Ounce: 28 grams, Quarter pounds: 56 grams, 1/2 Pounds: 112 grams, 1 Pounds: 224 grams


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